Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san

Ended 1 Temporadas - 12 Episodios

Touka Kuroitsu es una investigadora asistente en el departamento de desarrollo de monstruos para la organización maligna Agastia. Pero el enemigo al que ella se enfrenta no son los héroes que defienden la justicia. Con reuniones fugaces de solo diez minutos, Touka tiene que convencer cada vez al comité de planeación de que está haciendo un buen trabajo con cada nuevo monstruo que planea y que presenta para su producción. ¿Podrá Kuroitsu-san cumplir con las expectativas de un explotador comité gerencial? El hombre lobo (ahora mujer lobo) y otros desafortunados monstruos han sido desarrollados uno tras otro. Esta es una historia dedicada a todas esas personas estresadas por plazos de tiempo, jefes intolerantes y cambios de especificaciones de última hora.

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24m 2022 13 views

Temporada 1
1 Imagen She Cried Inside When the Monster to Strike Fear into the Hearts of Men Was Born into the Evil Secret Society Plotting World Domination2022
2 Imagen The Legendary Emissary from Hell Who Constantly Hears the Screams of the Evil Souls Supping from the Kettle of Darkness Spreads Fear in His Wake as He Awakens2022
3 Imagen The Monster in a Perpetual Cycle of Death and Rebirth Struggles to Break Its Chains until Seduced by a Soul Entrapped by Destiny2022
4 Imagen The Soul of a Demon Drinking into a Stupor at a Banquet of Illusions While Burdened by Sins that Lead All Men Astray Shatters with Anger When the Young Maiden Cries2022
5 Imagen Saved by a Smile from the Deadly Price Typically Extracted through Deals with Monsters That Dwell in the Deep like a True Ring of Solomon2022
6 Imagen An Unsophisticated Soul Tormented by Powers Unseen Succumbs to Brimming Anger and Yearning to Manifest as a Malevolent Beast2022
7 Imagen The Result of Passions Served up at a Monsters' Banquet Engulfed in a Sweet-Smelling Embrace of Honeyed Poison While Drowning in Sin with an Avatar of God2022
8 Imagen The Sheer Malevolence of the Denizens that Dwell in the Castle of the Dead Seeds Mutual Fear and Hostility Among Their Wicked Rank2022
9 Imagen The Rotting but Heroic Figures of Ancient Souls of the Dead that Congregate in the Abyss Find a Ray of Hope in the Darkness from Pride Pulled from Another Time2022
10 Imagen The Very Concept of the Evil Being that Bewitches Souls Summons New Demons through the Chaos it Brings when it Drowns in Turmoil Over its Puzzling Existence2022
11 Imagen The Sacrifice Willingly Attending the Banquet of Evil Gods Must Either Be Eaten and Accept Their Role as Sacrifice or Devour the Evil Gods and So Become One2022
12 Imagen Those Sacrifices Saved from Hell by Black-Winged Devil That Devourers Other Devils Will Revere It as God Regardless of Whether Its Act Makes It a Servant of Heaven or Merely a Savage Cannibal2022
  • Título original:Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department
  • En Producción:No
  • Primera fecha de emisión:09-01-2022
  • Última fecha de emisión:03-04-2022
  • Género:Comedia, Fantasía
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