Anitore! EX

Ended 2 Temporadas - 24 Episodios

The Series follows six young aspiring idols as they train and teach the audience using various exercise routines.

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4m 2015 27 views

Temporada 2
1 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Go for It XX! Let`s Clean & Side Bench2016
2 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Running XX Train!? Training Anytime, Anywhere2016
3 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Spin, Spin, Mat Exercises! XX All the Way2016
4 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Pleasurable XX of the Void! The Beginning of the End2016
5 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Let`s Exercise! XX Stretch Out and Aim for Top Swimmer2016
6 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Shape Up on the Balance Ball! I Dub Thee My XX2016
7 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Jogging for Breezy Aerobics! XX Feels Great2016
8 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Massage Relax! Let`s XX Together2016
9 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Skip Rope Warm Up! Not Just Your Body, but XX...2016
10 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Fix Your Worries with Push-ups and Back Muscle Exercises! Give It Your XX2016
11 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Tighten Up Your Upper Arms with Dumbbells! XX Is Waiting for You2016
12 <img src="//" alt="Imagen "> Living Together! XX Is About to Begin2016
  • Título original:Anime de Training! Ex
  • En Producción:No
  • Primera fecha de emisión:13-10-2015
  • Última fecha de emisión:21-12-2016
  • Género:Comedia, Deportes
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