Heartcatch Precure!

Ended 1 Temporadas - 49 Episodios

Cure Moonlight está tratando de proteger un árbol, al parecer muy importante, pero Dark Precure se lo impide. La derrota de Cure Moonlight se acerca y le dice a Chipre y Coffret que busquen a las siguientes Precure. Mientres ellos huyen a la tierra Dark precure derrota a Cure Moonlight. Tsubomi, una chica tímida y reservada despierta de la pesadilla a causa de la derrota de Cure Moonlight. En su nueva escuela conoce a Erika, una chica hiperactiva y algo gritona. Ambas se transformarán en Cure Boosom y Cure Marine.


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24m 2010 12 views

Temporada 1
1 Imagen I'll Change! Count on the Change!2010
2 Imagen Am I the Weakest Pretty Cure Ever??2010
3 Imagen The Second Pretty Cure is Willing to Serve!2010
4 Imagen Pretty Cure Combination Dissolves so Fast?2010
5 Imagen Rejected Ramen! The Family Bond is Reconciled!2010
6 Imagen The Scoop! Pretty Cure's True Identity Exposed!?2010
7 Imagen Aspiring for the Student Council President! A Girl's Heart Can't Be Hidden!!2010
8 Imagen Sigh of a Charismatic Model! But Why?2010
9 Imagen My Dad was Scouted! He'll Stop Being a Florist?!2010
10 Imagen Greatest danger! Dark Precure has appeared!2010
11 Imagen Acho!! Let's power up with kung fu!!2010
12 Imagen Heart throbbing! Operation proposal!!2010
13 Imagen The Truth is Revealed! Cure Moonlight's True Identity!2010
14 Imagen A Tearful Mother's Day! I'll Protect the Family's Smile!!2010
15 Imagen Unbelievable! The Student Council President in Cute Clothes!!2010
16 Imagen Erika's the Rival! Written Challenge From the Drama Club!!2010
17 Imagen Please Notice! Our Pretty Cure Spirit!!2010
18 Imagen The Strongest Legend! The Juvenile Delinquent Leader is Here, Nice to Meet You!!2010
19 Imagen A Tearful Wedding! A Photo Commemorating Father's Day!!2010
20 Imagen The Third Fairy! Potpourri is a Cute Baby!!2010
21 Imagen A Fairy Adventure! The Pretty Cure Scouting Strategy!!2010
22 Imagen Finally Found Her!! The Third Pretty Cure!!2010
23 Imagen Cure Sunshine is Born!!2010
24 Imagen Crisis of the Heart Tree! Time to Fly, Pretty Cure!2010
25 Imagen Episode 252010
26 Imagen Have Courage! It's Wonderful to Be My Friend!!2010
27 Imagen Who is that Handsome Old Man? Cure Flower's First Love!2010
28 Imagen Sabark's Greatest Plan! We Won't Finish our Summer Homework!!2010
29 Imagen Summer's Last Spurt! My Dress is Finished!!2010
30 Imagen Potpourri Runs Away From Home! Itsuki is Falling Apart!!2010
31 Imagen The Saddening Truth of Their Identity! It was Miss Yuri's Fairy...2010
32 Imagen Showdown with a Hot Man? No One Told Me This!!2010
33 Imagen Cure Moonlight is Finally Reborn!!2010
34 Imagen Amazing Power! Cure Moonlight!!2010
35 Imagen Exciting School Fair! Chaotic Fashion Club!2010
36 Imagen Everyone's the Main Character! Our Stage!!2010
37 Imagen Becoming Strong! The Test is PreCure Against PreCure!!2010
38 Imagen Precure Transform Into Super Silhouette!!2010
39 Imagen Erika's Pinch! The Marine Tact is Stolen!2010
40 Imagen Goodbye Sasorina...A Blossoming Heart Flower, Even In a Desert!!2010
41 Imagen The Fairies Transformed?! The Precure Troupe has Begun!!2010
42 Imagen A Confused Yuri! We Saw the Love Letter...2010
43 Imagen New Family! I've Become an Older Sister!!2010
44 Imagen A Christmas Miracle! We met Cure Flower!2010
45 Imagen It's Too Late... The World Has Turned into a Desert...2010
46 Imagen Kumojacky! Cobraja! We will never forget you!!2011
47 Imagen Tell Me It's a Lie! The True Identity of Professor Sabaaku!!2011
48 Imagen For the Earth! For Our Dreams! Precure's Final Transformation!2011
49 Imagen Everyone's Heart as One! I'm the Strongest Precure!!2011
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